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The RotaryMATE system

The RotaryMATE EXPS is built on the same technology as the RotaryMATE EXPD post-dip robot that has been optimized over the last five years with more than 250 Million teats treated.

By building off of the post-dip robot technology, the RotaryMATE EXPS incorporates the experience gained from working with cows in multiple rotary parlor environments and combines this with an industry-proven brush approach to clean and stimulate the cows once they have entered the rotary as well as a sanitation technology used in medical facilities around the world to sterilize their environment, electrolyzed water.

The electrolyzed water used by the RotaryMATE EXPS safely and effectively disinfects the teats and udders of the cows, killing harmful bacteria while being as gentle as water on the animals.

The combination of the brushes with the electrolyzed water creates an elegant solution for cleaning, sanitizing, and stimulating the cows before the milk clusters are attached.

The RotaryMATE EXPS delivers cost-savings and more consistent cow-handling, which helps the entire operation run better and can contribute to increased yields, faster let-downs, improved animal health, and more productive workers.  Factoring only the labor cost-savings, the payback on the system is only two to three years.

To see a video of the RotaryMATE EXPS in action, click here.

To schedule a visit to see the RotaryMATE system live, submit your information on this page.